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Hazardous Products / Product Liability Lawyers

Product Liability matters may involve both consumer and industrial/manufacturing products, including:

For best results, contact an attorney at Richard P. Bogusz & Associates as soon as possible after any injury or illness that you believe is due to a defective or dangerous product.

Defective Medical & Pharmaceutical Products

The FDA requires that new pharmaceutical substances go through years of controlled testing before being made available to patients. However, some harmful drugs will inevitably get through. The danger and harm may be due to undisclosed negative side effects or from contamination during production. In either case, thousands or even millions of people may be harmed and may be entitled to financial compensation. Recent examples include VIOXX, the arthritis medication that caused cardiac problems in patients, and Heparin, which was contaminated by substitute ingredients during manufacturing and cause severe allergic reactions and death.

Prescription medications are not the only drugs for which manufacturers are liable. Product liability also includes any hazardous or defective over-the-counter medication. Black box warnings and voluntary recalls do not exempt manufacturers from responsibility.

In addition to Heparin and VIOXX, other recent medications in the news, include Celebrex, Bextra, Zyprexa, Rezulin, Propofol and other prescription and non-prescription medications.

Pharmaceuticals are not the only medical products that can cause dangerous side effects or injuries. Medical devices and instruments themselves can turn out defective, through either a design flaw or a manufacturing problem. These products may include:

Medical instruments and products are designed and manufactured at the most detailed level and meet the highest of standards. Like pharmaceuticals, all potential dangers and/or side effects must be fully disclosed. Should any medical device turn out to be defective, liability may fall on the company responsible for the design or manufacturing.

Dangerous Children's Toys & Equipment

From choking, smothering and burns to lead poisoning and strangulation, children's toys, accessories, clothing and infant equipment are often the subjects of product liability cases. Even if a product is not recalled, a family may still be entitled to compensation if a child has been injured as a result of a dangerous product.

In recent years, a large number of children's product have undergone massive recalls, some of which have included such well known brands as Simplicity, Mattel Fisher-Price's Barbie, Sesame Street, and Polly Pocket brands, and RC2's Thomas & Friends wood railway toys. Defective or dangerous products have also included cribs, car seats, high chairs, walkers, clothing, and infant carriers and strollers.

Parents and chidren depend on manufacturers to produce safe products. Corporations and manufacturers can and should be held liable for the products they make, distribute and sell.

Automobile & Truck Parts

While most auto accidents are due to driver error, in rare cases the crash may be caused by a defective part from either the design or manufacturing stages. In these liability cases, the automobile design and manufacturer may be liabile.

In an auto accident that may possibly involve a vehicle defect, it is very important that an attorney determine initially whether the design of the vehicle or its parts contributed to the injuries or deaths. This often requires a detailed examination of the vehicle by a recognized automotive expert.

Past defective vehicle design and/or parts have involved gas pedals, tires, transmission design systems, dangerous fuel systems, seatbelts, insufficient stability, poorly designed seatbacks, rollover tendencies and roof crushes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Illinois or Chicago area auto accident that you suspect may have been caused by a defective part—you need the experience and knowledge of a seasoned accident attorney, such as the accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Richard P. Bogusz & Associates, Ltd. We can help you obtain the financial compensation for you deserve for your injuries.

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